ePlumbing Estimators can handle all your plumbing and drainage estimating needs in greater Sydney area, as well as entire Australia and New Zealand. We have experience in all facets of the market including Hi & low rise residential, Commercial, Industrial, Shopping Centres, Health Care Projects, Civil drainage projects and Infrastructure works.

ePlumbing Estimators have invested in the latest estimating software technology to be able to provide fast and accurate takeoffs, to ensure that their clients can submit accurate and competitive tenders. All Projects are measured using an on-screen take-off system, which ensures a high level of accuracy.

Get Your Project Estimated

Adapting to Our Clients’ Needs

No matter if you need just a takeoff price estimate or a cost for a full-scope project, we are the team to get in touch with. We can adapt to business management software of your choice (Groundplan, simPRO, ProContractor). Our Sydney team of plumbing estimators understands just how this part of the project preparation can be tiring and complicated. That is why we decided to take that load from plumbing businesses and make that process as smooth as possible. 

It is time to forget about generic price listings and manual calculations. We will do all that instead of you, while you focus on more important aspects of your project.

Preparing documentation for a tender includes a lot of focusing and just one mistake can jeopardize your hard work. Leave all that to us and we will provide you with efficient and professional plumbing estimating which you will only have to download and send. 

Professional Estimating Service for Plumbing Contractors

Keeping up with the latest trends in the plumbing business, we decided to make a change and provide plumbing and drainage contractors with a complete estimating service that they deserve.

Your assigned plumbing estimator will be in contact with you during the whole process and you will be able to make any necessary changes that you see fit. You will not be spending hours on end in front of your computer trying to reach the approximate price for the new plumbing system you are about to build. With us in charge of that, you can turn your attention to the rest of your business areas.

Besides our plumbing estimating services, we also offer to our clients a full set of plumbing prebuilds for their simPRO software. With categorized rates which are ready to be applied to your simPRO account, our clients can then measure all their projects with ease and simplicity.

Outsourcing Estimating and In-House Estimating Training

Our CEO Lynton May also provides advice when it comes to outsourcing your Plumbing & Drainage Estimating requirements. Next to that, he offers in-house estimating training for plumbing businesses. 

Are you a plumbing firm and you wish to improve your knowledge or knowledge of your staff in this area? Contact Lynton today and schedule your in-house consultancy and training. Lynton will assist you in setting up some ground rules and principles when it comes to estimating. 

Another important step is making the right choice when it comes to estimating software. It needs to answer your needs the best and, of course, be in accordance with your budget.