Adapting the Business to the New Normal

2021 is presenting a challenging environment for us all to do Business with snap lockdowns and travel restrictions. It has forced us all in a rethink of how we do Business.

Fortunately, the Building Industry is one of the sectors that is keeping the economy going, providing employment on Constructions sites, as well as on the domestic front providing essential services to keep the community safe. The Federal & State Governments are fast-tracking Construction & Infrastructure Projects to stimulate the economy.

This will provide tendering & Business opportunities for many small, medium & large Plumbing Contracting Businesses. Is your Company prepared for the increased Business Opportunities?

Have you thought about how you can do your Tendering more cost-efficiently?

ePlumbing Estimators can assist you with a more cost-effective solution to your in house estimating.

We can assist you with the following

  • Digitally Measuring your Projects
  • Provide accurate Costings
  • Prepare accurate budgets knowing your true labour/material & plant costs
  • Know when to walk away when the Builder is driving the price too low to be economically viable.
  • Recommend Estimating solutions that give better results than excel spreadsheets.

The Team at ePlumbing Estimators are waiting for your next Project.

Please book an appointment for a confidential chat on how we can assist you take your Business to the next level and increase your Profits during this Boom Period.

What is Plumbing Estimating Software and How It Works?

Whether we like it or not, digitisation is taking over in every branch of industry. When we talk about plumbing estimation, this popular process is incredibly beneficial and profitable for everyone. Thinking about manual measurements and endless calculations at this point in time, it may seem like we are going at least 50 years back in time.

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What Is the Best Plumbing Software?

Relying exclusively on our knowledge, skill and experience is what craftsmen do, but the plumbing industry is rapidly developing and the digital era is waiting for no one. For many, the idea of replacing traditional tools with the digital ones brought a lot of scepticism. When you depend on yourself for so many years it can be complicated believing in what some computer program says. Of course, new generations of plumbing contractors may be more adaptable, but accomplished ones may find this transition very hard.

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