Christchurch NZ Plumbing Estimators

In this hectic world where we are all facing deadlines, delays and unpredictable obstacles daily, being accurate, punctual and dependable at all times could seem like an unreachable target for some, but not for us.

We use the advantages of modern software like SimPro, Groundplan and ProContractor and combine it with our estimators’ knowledge, immense experience and capacity. The final outcome is a satisfied and relieved client who can now proceed to the next step in the project with one worry less. By getting the wrong estimation, losing money and time is almost inevitable. If you are a construction business owner or a contractor, it can easily cause the loss of trust among your clients.

Our Christchurch NZ Plumbing Estimators are doing everything to prevent that. No matter if you and your team are renovating an old plumbing system or working on a massive project that includes countless different pipes, drains, taps, etc – we got your back. Our customer support team can suggest and determine what kind of service you need exactly. So if you are not sure, do not hesitate to contact us!

Advantages Of Our Plumbing Estimators

From the moment you send the full construction plan, our dedicated estimator is completely focused on your case. All the calculations are done digitally with maximum precision. The whole process is done using our software or in the one that suits you best.

Everything our estimator does is transparent, so you can always be included in the progress and status of the process. Using SimPro Software enables the estimator and client to work together at all times. Our employees are fully dedicated to each client. During the entire process, they are at your service ready to give suggestions or answer your questions. Knowing that each project is different, they are always thinking outside of the box and using their creativity to find the best solution.

No matter the size and complexity of your project, we always deliver a fully completed estimation within the 24-48 hours. That is the promise that you can rely on and organise your next step in advance. Do you have to present completed and signed estimation on the upcoming tender? We got you. Do you have a team waiting for the green light to start making a financial report? Again, you are in the right place.

Fire Protection Estimating

There is no need to stress out the importance of this service. Also, the complexity of the whole estimating process is immense. Time-consuming and often confusing, it is an unpopular task in the construction world.

Once more, we wanted to simplify and accelerate the procedure. Because of that, all the work that we do is completely digitised and fire protection estimating is not the exception. Our team uses the latest software like Groundplan that shows the number of hands and material needed for your project with the greatest accuracy. Among other useful features, this software operates on a cloud so you will always have the plan available for examination and progress tracking.

If you are not familiar with the software needed for plumbing or fire estimation, our team will provide step by step explanation about all the functions and features.

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Helping our clients succeed became our daily routine. We did these estimations so many times and with such confidence and commitment that we almost forgot the amount of responsibility that comes with this job.

If you want us to assist you too, contact Christchurch NZ Plumbing Estimators via the contact form, email or phone now and we will arrange the whole plan and process together.