Estimating Outsourcing

Are you in the construction industry and thinking about offshoring and outsourcing some of your in-house tasks to lower your costs? Don’t know where to start?

Many tasks in the building industry, including plumbing estimating, can be outsourced and carried out offshore to take advantage of the more affordable labour rates and skills that are available, especially in the Philippines. There are a lot of pitfalls in setting up an offshore facility. However, with the right advice and access to the right people and facilities, it can be a reasonably straight forward process.

Lynton May, the founder of ePlumbing Estimators, has been running his plumbing estimating business out of the Philippines for nearly four years. With his acquired knowledge and experiences, he can provide a consultancy service to prospective clients who are considering venturing down this road.

Lynton can assist with the following:

  1. Locating a BPO office that will work with you in setting up a team for your business.
  2. Assist in staff selections and advice on wage structures.
  3. Advice on skill availability.
  4. Assist with team management.

Why You Should Consider Estimating Outsourcing?

Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO, is a practice present for years but it is becoming all the rage among the business professionals around Australia in recent years. BPO comes extremely handy when the cost of managing back-office tasks becomes quite expensive in the country where your company is settled. Such practice actually cuts costs considerably.

Outsourcing the workforce is definitely a way to go if you wish to make a considerable profit while at the same time not spending a vast amount of it on hiring employees which can be quite expensive. These days outsourcing practices are getting more and more popular since employers started hiring foreign employees who have necessary skills but are much more affordable.

You can focus on more important business aspects, while your outsourced estimating service employees are working at their tasks.

Choosing The Right Staff, Office, and Equipment is Crucial

Depending on the industry, you might need more specific skill sets out of your workers. Even though outsourcing is a trend that is taking over the world by the storm, it includes a lot of preparation. From choosing the right office space to selecting the best possible candidates for your line of work, outsourcing can be a big challenge. Founding a BPO office will take a bit of your time, dedication, and patience.

That is where our CEO, Lynton May can be of immense help to all the business professionals who are thinking about opening their estimating outsourcing office overseas. Lynton’s advice is invaluable for businessmen who have never before dealt with outsourcing operations and need expert guidance.

Starting your business project at a brand new office in another country is not exactly something you would call simple, even though it may look that way. You should also not underestimate the HR process and interviewing of the potential employees. Assessment of the candidates and choosing the right people for the tasks is an important step in laying down the foundation of your new back-office. Entrusting the right person with the job will considerably improve your overall results and bring a new force into the business game.

Documentation is Another Important Detail

Outsourcing workforce also includes a fair share of documentation. From leasing the office space to your employees’ contracts. Equipping the office also includes a lot of organization and finding the right suppliers. Plunging by yourself in such a complicated task without prior consultation with experienced people, who can help you manage everything much smoother and simpler can be time-costing and ineffective. Lynton May is available to share his vast knowledge and offer you support during every step of the way.

Team Management Advice and Consultancy

Another important part of setting up your estimating outsourcing office is team management. Figuring out how the work process will be approached and how the tasks will be divided is of high importance. Choosing who will work on which segment is also crucial to your business success. To have a truly dedicated team who is striving to achieve admirable results, you need to set in place good management and fair distribution of workload among the employees. And Lynton May can help you will all that and more.

In case you need estimating outsourcing, contact us today by phoning us or sending us an email and schedule your consultancy right away.