Due to a shortage of skilled Plumbing & Drainage estimators, Plumbing Contracting Businesses are having to look at alternative ways of being able to prepare their Hydraulics Tenders.

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High speed internet along with web based applications, the outsourcing process has never been so easy. Using Virtual staff in another location or Country is now becoming the accepted way of doing Business.

However care needs to be taken when selecting Virtual assistants to ensure that they are adequately trained in the processes required.

The Team at ePlumbing Estimators are handpicked and undergo a thorough assessment of suitability prior to being employed. The staff that we select usually come from a Mechanical Engineering background and have had some experience in using digital on screen take-off platforms.

Once engaged, each estimator undergoes an intensive training program which includes being able to learn and understand basic plumbing installation methodologies, Australian & New Zealand Plumbing standards and plumbing materials used.

The process also involves adapting to new technologies which can be a challenge.

So if you are thinking about using an offshore or outsourcing solution care needs to be taken before going down that path.

By Teaming up with ePlumbing Estimators you can be guaranteed that you will be dealing with a professional organisation that can deliver a cost effective solution for your Estimating requirements.

By becoming an extension of your team we can assist you with the following

  • Selection of a suitable Estimating platform to use in an outsourcing environment.
  • Preparation of a suitable database to provide accurate costings.
  • Take-off Hydraulics drawings.
  • Provide accurate material, labour and plant costs.
  • Review Tender drawings vs Construction drawings for Cost differences.
  • Assistance with measuring & documenting variations.

click the Contact Us Now button immediately and book a confidential interview