Plumbing Estimating Training

A construction firm contacted you or you wish to compete at a tender? Estimating the cost of the plumbing is one of the first steps that you need to make when assessing a new project. Whatever it is that you need the estimation for, you need to approach this part professionally. Streamlining this process will make everything much easier to take into consideration and it will provide more accurate estimated costs.

Thanks to his vast experience of over 40 years in the plumbing industry, the founder of ePlumbing Estimators, Lynton May, can give guidelines on how to improve your current plumbing estimating procedures. He provides a consultancy service to plumbing businesses to assist in setting up in-house plumbing estimating processes. Lynton May will present you with various estimating software that you can use depending on the type of Projects you wish to Tender and explain how they function. He can assist with the selection of estimating software packages available to best suit your type of business and budget. To stay on top of your business, you need to keep up with modern times and the latest solutions.

Plumbing Estimating Process Training

To improve your plumbing project estimating and raise the level of its accuracy, it is necessary to implement it during the early stages of a construction project. As soon as you receive the drawings, or in case you do the sketches yourself, it is time for a takeoff.

Lynton May can help you with establishing your own plumbing estimating process with in-house training. No matter if you choose one or two persons to be in charge of estimation, or a group of people, they need to be equipped with knowledge about how to manage small or big projects. Knowing the costs of each project will help you and the construction firm in charge to plan their budget.

Lynton will present to you the core estimating skills and methods that you can apply in your plumbing business. He will also guide you through the process of breaking down the big project into smaller tasks. And last but not least, he will explain to you how to structure the budget.

Estimating Software for Easier and Quicker Plumbing Estimating

Nowadays, estimating & Take-offs is quicker since in most cases it is done virtually. The use of estimating software is of immense help. Lynton can showcase you some of the most popular ones (like Groundplan, simPRO, ProContractor…) and show you their functions step-by-step and how they can help you in managing your plumbing business.

Estimating software is great for minimizing paperwork and the need for printing bulky drawings. Plumbing estimating greatly influences whether your project will be a success or a failure – take note of Lynton’s advice and pick out the best software for yourself.

Tips for More Accurate Plumbing Estimates

During your in-house training, Lynton will share with you tips, tricks, and industry secrets for more accurate estimations. Both for residential and commercial projects, he can explain to you how to most efficiently do calculations. Make sure to always consult the architectural drawings no matter the project type.

After you have set everything in place according to your methodology, you will be able to tackle estimations of private homes to huge corporate offices and even multi-phased projects.

Need a Thorough Plumbing Estimate Now?

ePlumbing Estimators provide a quick, efficient, and professional plumbing estimating and Take-off service.

Leave the calculations to us while you focus on more important aspects of your plumbing business. We do everything digitally and once we are done, you will be able to review the detailed costs of the Project prior to adding your Margins and submitting your Tender.

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Quoting procedure is not to be taken lightly. Get in touch with us and schedule your very own in-house plumbing estimating training.

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