Hamilton NZ Plumbing Estimators

Being acknowledged as the team that offers fast, accurate and affordable estimating service, we are the first choice of numerous construction companies and contractors around the country. Luckily, endless manual calculations are in the past, so we can once more rely on technology. Side by side with modern software that works in our favour, stands our amazing Hamilton NZ Plumbing Estimators team. Each of them is highly-trained, skilled and willing to constantly improve, making sure to always stay in tune with new tech-solutions.

No matter the proportions and demands of your current project, we assure you we can deal with it. Small-business owners, large building companies, plumbers, contractors…We collaborated with all of them, finishing the job as successfully as possible within 48 hours. Since we work remotely, you can find us anywhere.

Our Hamilton NZ plumbing estimators work individually or as a team, if needed. Once you entrust us with your construction project, you get one dedicated employee. They are always up to date with the progress of the work and ready to share all information with you anytime. Everything we do is fully available for our clients.

Most Accurate Estimation Tools

We offer a detailed review of the material and labour needed for the construction project. All the specifics and precise numbers are our responsibility so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Our team is using the most sophisticated software, making even the most complex plumbing problems easy to solve. SimPRO, Groundplan and ProContractor give us a fast workflow and secure link to our client.

Once we finish our estimation, it is digitally exported for the client’s eyes only. Since we need to have full insight into the prices of numerous plumbing materials, they are updated regularly and automatically. When in need of a specific rate or when purchasing great amounts of materials, pricing can be adjusted. With all the necessary data available directly from the software, contacting the supplier comes easily.

HVAC Piping Estimating

We know exactly how important it is to keep up with the new demands and high expectations. Providing fast and perfectly precise estimates is what we do. Estimating HVAC Piping is not an easy job but luckily we have a dedicated team that uses the best software in the industry – simPRO. It is an ideal tool for a fast-paced and ever-growing construction business that keeps clients and estimators connected at all times.

Knowing the importance of time and, needless to say, money, our team simply does not make mistakes. Our employees make sure to submit the most accurate and detailed estimation containing exact amounts of materials and single parts needed for the project. With that, you can obtain a precise financial report.

Since we use the latest software, we are obliged to introduce it to you. We will explain in detail each and every of its functions, and even provide quick training for your employees, so you can be included in the working process and give valuable input.

Get Connected Today with our Hamilton NZ Plumbing Estimators

For us, plumbing estimation comes easily and naturally. For most, it is a synonym for a pile of papers, endless measuring and stressful nights spent over the working table. We are happy to say that those days are over and you can fully rely on us. Our professional estimating service will save you a lot of time and money, while making your business faster and more productive.

Contact us now by filling out a form on our website, by calling us directly or writing an email. We are ready to help you with your next project.