Being a good plumber requires a lot of skill, experience, and hard work. Piping, water system and plumbing fixture installations leave no room for mistakes. One of the plumber’s main responsibilities, no matter if contractor or individual, is to calculate and provide the costs required for the plumbing works.

On the other hand, there is a building contractor, home or a business owner who is waiting on an estimation overview in order to allow the complex plumbing works begin. Plumbing estimators are obliged to provide the most accurate and detailed report that will not exceed the given budget. So much work and responsibility lay on the single plumber and his team, and there are different ways to answer those demands.

We will introduce some traditional and innovative solutions which can help you take the path that is the right one for you.

Manual Plumbing Estimates

Plumbing estimations create a special bond between the client and his selected plumber. It is a point where the customer relies on the plumber’s capabilities and hopes for the accurately calculated plumbing expenses. If the estimating job is done correctly, the plumber will probably be hired.

No matter the size or the type of the plumbing work, the estimation needs to be done and results need to be provided. The quickest way to do so would be over the phone or email relying on your client’s observations only, but these unreliable estimates are considered to be just descriptive and approximate, which they are. That is why they are usually free!

The most common manual plumbing estimates would take place on-site. The plumber would come on the exact work location and conduct a thorough inspection. Having in mind the project plan and all the visual information, he can roughly determine the time and number of workers needed to complete the plumbing works. Factor like material calculations vary significantly and it could become a lengthy process if not conducted professionally.

A written estimate is usually a prepared template and consists of contact info, project summary, material list, cost estimation, permits needed alongside plumber’s insurance and license information as a guarantee of work quality.

When reading through, you may think that this could be an easy and fast process. The truth is absolutely different. For example, think of the plumbers who just finished the takeoff process and next comes the comparison of plumbing with the architectural drawings. The case is that some elements are not fitting together – the drawings are different. If plumbers didn’t notice this little distinction, they are the ones to blame for the potential misalignments and project delay. So it’s no wonder that this kind of estimate sometimes can be costly since it requires so much work and incredible precision.

Digital Plumbing Estimates Using Computer Software

Over the past years, plumbers began outsourcing estimates to certain companies that offer digital estimating service. Not just them, but numerous construction industry businesses were awarded with completely accurate and swift plumbing estimations. This enabled them to win the tenders, bids, and gain their clients’ trust.

So, what is it all about? Plumbing estimating software is designed to make everyone’s life easier by offering automatic responses to tasks. Streamlined scheduling, better job management, updated supplier’s list and above everything, fast results are just some of the enhancements that the estimate modernization brought to us. There are many well-manufactured programs and most of them operate on cloud which makes the communication between the estimator and client possible at all times.

Typically, most of the programs are available for both Windows and Mac PCs and tablets, but also for our iOS and Android smartphones. That means that you can carry your project everywhere and access it anytime from any device you like. It is a whole new world of possibilities and software developers are working hard on implementing new add-ons regularly.


We don’t think that the comparison between these two methods is necessary. The traditional way of plumbing estimates deserve all possible respect, but what the digital era brought to us is simply more efficiency and practicality for everyone. It is our responsibility to use these groundbreaking solutions wisely.

One of the other obligations that we at ePlumbing Estimators have is to provide the best possible service to anyone in need. We have a long tradition of successful project estimates that consist of, primarily, accurate financial costs. Once you know exact numbers and amounts, you can move forward with the project with ease.

And finally, we are responsible to share our vast experience and knowledge with all of you who wish to bring plumbing business to the highest level. Once you master the software and begin to work on serious projects, you will realize how much time you can save.

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