Plumbing & Drainage Estimating

ePlumbing Estimators partnered with some of the industry leaders with two goals in mind: to provide flexible platforms in making the estimating process easy and to transfer data to the client’s own estimating software packages.

All projects are measured digitally, providing fast and accurate measures for the clients. ePlumbing Estimators team of professionals provides just a take-off service or a fully costed project. The client can also have input into the fully costed project by providing their individual labour costs and methodologies. Materials can be project-priced to match the individual contractor’s buying prices.

Rates can be adjusted in accordance with the company’s individual productivity allowances. This is to make the tender unique to the company – not just a generic set of rates that are forwarded to the client.


ePlumbing Estimators work with the following industry software packages:

  1. GroundPlan
  2. ProContractor
  3. simPRO

The process for getting a project measured and cost by ePlumbing Estimators is simple.

  • Forward the tender package supplied by the builder via DropBox or simply forward the builder’s links to download the drawings.
  • Provide a scope of works including items you want to be included and excluded.
  • Your drawings will be reviewed, and a budget estimate fee proposal will be forwarded to you for review and acceptance.
  • Once the quote is accepted, an estimator will be assigned to your project.
  • Within 24-48 hours of starting the project, you will receive a list of items that will require supplier pricing.
  • During the take-off process, your plumbing estimator will directly communicate with you about queries relating to the project. Yes, you will be communicating with a real person.
  • Once the measure and costings are completed, various reports will be submitted to you and a cost sheet for you to apply your margins.

For simPRO Customers

  1. Have an active account with GroundPlan
  2. Preferably have a full set of Plumbing prebuilds supplied & installed by ePlumbing Estimators and linked to your simPRO software
  3. Provide ePlumbing Estimators with a login to your GroundPlan account. The project will be measured for you. Once the measure is completed, you just push it across into simPRO and do your adjustments, project pricing and apply your margins.

How Does Our Plumbing Estimating Service Work?

Our plumbing estimating service is efficient and cost-saving. Not to mention that you will not be surrounded by vast amounts of paperwork anymore. Everything we do, we do digitally. Thanks to the advance of modern technologies and software, we streamlined the complete process of estimating. No matter which software you are using in managing your business, be it Groundplan, simPRO, or ProContractor, we can adapt to your software of choice.

Once your costs are applied, such as labour, material and operational costs, your spreadsheet will be ready for reviewing ready to apply your profit margins. Specific Project costs will be applied to the Project based on your Companies buying power & productivity rates creating a unique estimate and set of costs ready for you to submit to your Builder. Your Designated Estimator will work with you during this process.

Providing Efficient Estimating Service for Plumbing Businesses

Our goal is to provide accurate plumbing estimating for all plumbing businesses in greater Sydney area, Australia and New Zealand and to revolutionize this area of business. By keeping up with improvements when it comes to management software and abiding by our clients’ wishes, we are doing the utmost to support plumbing contractors. Due to the lack of plumbing estimators with the amount of expertise and skill that we possess, we are doing everything to provide our clients with the best possible solution and outcome to be able to submit a competitive Tender.