Plumbing Estimating Software

Over the last 12 months ePlumbing Estimators have teamed up with ProEst which is now an autodesk product to provide the best collaborative estimating solution available in the market. A complete new database was built to produce accurate pricing and labour hours, giving Plumbing Contractors confidence that their budgets are correct when taking on Large & Complex Projects with high risks.


The ProEst solution allows us to compile custom financial reports of each Project which drills into all cost centres of the Project.

The Project can be delivered and broken up in a detailed break up in line with the Builder or Consultants specific Tender Breakup requirements. This is often a difficult task to achieve when doing it manually.

ProEst, being a web based application is a perfect outsourcing solution for Plumbing Contractors who are requiring external help to prepare their tenders. Our team of estimators can log into a clients portal and complete the measure and specific supplier pricing for the Plumbing Contractor to review and finalise the estimate prior to submission.

The digital measuring platform is linked to the database which allows you to see the estimate being built as you are measuring each section. You can review and annalyse sections of the work as you are measuring.

The database and estimating methodologies can also be tailored for Contractors using external job costing platforms and also can be directly linked to MYOB Advanced for internal accounting & job costing.

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ePlumbing Estimators have been instrumental in assisting Plumbing Contractors using the following software packages by providing up to date estimating databases which are linked to a preferred supplier (Usually Reece Plumbing Supplies)

  • ProEst
  • simPRO
  • AroFlo
  • Cavsoft
  • Procontractor

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Our Team of Estimators also work with Clients using simPRO, & Aroflo which is also linked to Groundplan which is an external digital measuring tool. The Prebuilds from simPRO or Aroflo are linked to Groundplan to measure the plans. Once the measure is completed the prebuilds are pushed back into the software and automatically costed. This eliminates double entry work and makes the estimating process faster.

The ePlumbing Estimators Team can build custom databases for other Trades to use in the above software packages. Provide us with the information from your existing spreadsheets and we can format it to import into one of the above software platforms