Providing Virtual Plumbing Estimating Services to Plumbers Throughout Australia & New Zealand

Need a plumbing or drainage job estimated?

Use our plumbing estimating service and say goodbye to the mountains of paperwork, and let us do the hard graft.

Thanks to advances in modern technology and software, we can streamline the complete process of estimating your for maximum efficiency and cost-savings. This means you can focus on the job, quote accurately, win tenders and turn a profit.

Simply supply your drawings and we take care of everything else.

Using Industry Standard Plumbing Estimation Software

Thanks to the latest plumbing estimation software we can input your individual labour costs, methodologies, materials and individual productivity allowances – for a tender that is accurate and unique to your project. What we don’t do is apply a generic set of rates to your job.

We work with the following industry software packages:

  • GroundPlan
  • ProContractor
  • simPRO

Or we can adapt to your software of choice.

Why Do You Need a Professional Plumbing Estimator?

Our powerful plumbing estimating software, together with our knowledgeable team can help:

  • Know the true cost of a job
  • Save you time, and allow you to focus on the job
  • Make sure you quote jobs accurately and turn a profit
  • Prepare competitive tenders and win jobs
  • Get your jobs done faster

Who We Work With

We have helped everyone from small and medium-sized businesses, to tier one contractors on projects that include hi & low rise residential, commercial, industrial, shopping centres, healthcare projects, civil drainage projects and larger infrastructure works.

How Does Plumbing Estimation Work?

Getting a project measured and costed is as easy as:

  • Provide us with a scope of works including items you want to be included and excluded.
  • Your drawings will be reviewed, and a budget estimate fee proposal will be forwarded to you for review and acceptance.
  • Once the quote is accepted, an estimator will be assigned to your project.
  • Within 24-48 hours of starting the project, you will receive a list of items that will require supplier pricing.
  • During the take-off process, your plumbing estimator will directly communicate with you about queries relating to the project. Yes, you will be communicating with a real person.
  • Once the measure and costings are completed, a cost sheet will be supplied for you to apply your margins.

Email your tender drawings directly to us at:, and we will get back to you with a fee proposal for your project.