partnered with some of the industry leaders with two goals in mind: to provide flexible platforms in making the estimating process easy and to transfer data to the client’s own estimating software packages.

All projects are measured digitally, providing fast and accurate measures for the clients. provides just a take-off service or a fully costed project. The client can also have input into the fully costed project by providing their individual labour costs and methodologies. Materials can be project-priced to match the individual contractor’s buying prices.

Rates can be adjusted in accordance to the company’s individual productivity allowances. This is to make the tender unique to the company – not just a generic set of rates that are forwarded to the client.

work with the following industry software packages:

  1. GroundPlan
  2. ProContractor
  3. simPRO
  4. CavSoft
  5. Plumbing Pack

The process for getting a project measured and costed by  is simple.

  • Forward the tender package supplied by the builder via DropBox or simply forward  the builder’s links to download the drawings.
  • Provide a scope of works including items you want included and excluded.
  • Your drawings will be reviewed, and a budget estimate fee proposal will be forwarded to you for review and acceptance.
  • Once the quote is accepted, an estimator will be assigned to your project.
  • Within 24-48 hours of starting the project you will receive a list of items that will require supplier pricing.
  • During the take-off process, your estimator will directly communicate with you about queries relating to the project. Yes, you will be communicating with a real person.
  • Once the measure and costings are completed, various reports will be submitted to you and a cost sheet for you to apply your margins.

For simPRO Customers

  1. Have an active account with GroundPlan
  2. Preferably have a full set of Plumbing prebuilds supplied & installed by  and linked to your simPRO software
  3. Provide   with a log in to your GroundPlan account. The project will be measured for you. Once the measure is completed, you just push it across into simPRO and do your adjustments, project pricing and apply your margins.

For CavSoft Customers

  1. Provide a list of your Standard Rates which must include your rate codes.
  2.    will measure the project using your rate codes.
  3. The quantities will be exported into an Excel spreadsheet for you to import into CavSoft.
  4. Your rate codes will match your standard rates library and cost the quantities against the rates.
  5. Make your adjustments, project price and apply your margins.

For Plumbing Pack Customers

  1. Provide a list of your Standard Rates which must include your rate codes.
  2.    will measure the project using your rate codes.
  3. The quantities will be exported into an Excel spreadsheet for you.
  4. Manually enter the quantities against your rate items in your Plumbing Pack spreadsheet.
  5. Make any adjustments and add your margins.

has commenced an Electrical Take off service for Electrical Contractors. Expression of interest is welcome from Electrical Contractors who would like to take advantage of this cost saving service.

Our Service is well suited to Contractors using Groundplan & simPRO. A full set of Commercial Electrical prebuilds will also be available for sale.

For Further Information please contact Lynton May

Ph: +61407065181
email: lynton@plumbingestimators.com.au

Lynton May, the founder of  has had over 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry, many of those years as an estimator.

Due to the lack of skills in this area, Lynton provides a consultancy service to plumbing businesses to assist in setting up in house estimating processes. He can assist with the selection of Industry estimating software packages available to best suit your type of business and budget.

In house training can be provided for your staff.

Are you in the building industry and thinking about offshoring and outsourcing some of your in-house tasks to lower your costs? Don’t know where to start?

Many tasks in the building industry can be outsourced and carried out offshore to take advantage of the cheaper labour rates and skills that are available, especially in the Philippines. There are a lot of pitfalls in setting up an offshore facility. However with the right advice and access to the right people and facilities, it can be a reasonably straight forward process.

Lynton May, the founder of  , has been running his plumbing estimating business out of the Philippines for nearly two years. With his acquired knowledge and experiences, he can provide a consultancy service to prospective clients who are considering venturing down this road.

Lynton can assist with the following:

  1. Locating a BPO office that will work with you in setting up a team for your business.
  2. Assist in staff selections and advice on wage structures.
  3. Advice on skill availability.
  4. Assist with team management.

 has created a full set of commercial plumbing prebuilds ready to load into your simPRO Software and link to Groundplan. The rates are categorized and are ready to load straight into your simPRO software. The rates can be matched to Tradelink or Reece plumbing supplies. The   team will install them remotely for you, ready for you to use. There are over 5,000 rates ready for you to start measuring a commercial project, or the project can be measured for you using your Groundplan account.

Groundplan is a cloud-based takeoff software built specifically for plumbing takeoff and estimating. Its unique sharing capabilities allow you to share your project directly with us and our fully trained staff can get your takeoff done in real time.


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