Plumbing Estimators

Are you looking for professional and thorough plumbing estimators? Look no further since ePlumbing Estimators can do comprehensive estimating from small-scale projects to high-rise buildings for anyone in greater Sydney area, even entire Australia and New Zealand.

All our plumbing estimating is done digitally, thus providing a higher rate of accuracy and efficiency. The days of measuring pipes’ length by ruler and doing it over and over again to double-check everything are behind us. We provide meticulous calculations and through the estimating software of your choice, we can prepare your cost sheets which you can then just download and forward to your client.

Super easy, cost-efficient and paperless – streamline your plumbing estimating process today!

How Does the Plumbing Estimating Work

When it comes to plumbing and drainage estimating, in the times before software everything was done manually, e.g. everything was done by ruler and by hand. Today, even though such practices are still maintained by old school plumbers, most measurements and calculations are done online.

That is where we come in. Thanks to all these job management software, we realized that there is a need for quality plumbing estimators. Due to the lack of experts in this area, Lynton May, founder of ePlumbing Estimators, tapped into this yet to be explored business field. Plumbing estimating is one of the most important steps when deciding whether to take on a new project and during the preparation of the tenders.

Takeoff is the first step since it presents an overview of the necessary material. The takeoff dictates the price the most. This step takes the most time and it needs to be approached by someone who is a plumbing expert, but who also has an eye for the details. Failing to observe a couple of taps or a few meters of piping can jeopardize the whole project or cause you losing on the tender.

Plumbing Estimating Software

To avoid such worst-case scenarios, we decided to manage the complete process instead of plumbing businesses and help them with the overall estimating. How do we do that exactly? Well, first of all, the estimating software that we are using is called Groundplan. We can also supply and install the simPRO prebuilds and manage your account. That way you will be able to check the work we have done and add your labour and/or operational costs in the end.

Working in Groudplan provides efficiency and with its integrations with simPRO and other management software, your plans and cost sheets will be prepared in no time. After you have reviewed it all, you can download everything and forward it to your client or contractor.

Groundplan is completely cloud-based and your plans will be safe. Since everything is done digitally, there is no chance that paperwork will be lost or misplaced. You can download everything once it is done to send over to your client or to add it to your folders, but you can also choose to send it by email and cut down on paper load.

Why You Should Choose Our Team?

We are a dedicated team based in Sydney that provides professional and accurate plumbing estimating. Our goal is to make sure that our every client receives top-notch service which also meets all deadlines.

Stop spending huge amount of time on doing estimating when you can leave that to us. Especially when inquiries come pouring in, you and your employees will not have enough time to focus and give your undivided attention to measuring the drawings and doing copious amounts of calculations.

We can provide you with an outstanding work with minimal involvement from your side so that you can focus on other aspects of your work.

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