Why Plumbing Estimators?

ePlumbing Estimators provides a virtual estimating service for plumbing businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company was established in 2011 and has been providing an outsourcing service to businesses ranging from small to medium-sized contractors, up to tier one contractors.

Due to a shortage of skilled plumbing and drainage estimators and the high cost of employing estimators, ePlumbing Estimators have revolutionised cost-effective solutions for your company’s plumbing estimating needs.

Why Do You Need a Professional Plumbing Estimator?

Every plumber can agree that takeoffs are a long and sometimes tiring and complicated task. If you are applying for a tender, the bidding process takes a lot of time and a takeoff needs special attention. That is why it is much easier to hire a plumbing estimator who will do all the hard work for you.

Jumping into a brand new business endeavour without first doing an in-depth assessment of what will it all take, can seriously jeopardize your plumbing business. Especially if it is completely new construction, it calls for a detailed plan and right calculations when it comes to necessary material and labour.

Refurbishment Projects may include replacing of already installed pipework including fixtures & fittings. You can also run into complexities which will require more labour due to the degree of difficulty and time line required to complete the Project.

Preparing a competitive tender for your Project is not easy which includes assessing the risks in the Project and making due allowances.

A clear scope of works and tender exclusions is critical when submitting your Tender. It is also vital to know your true costs of the project so you know when to say NO and walk away.

Wide Variety of Estimating Software

The days or measuring the pipes with rulers and highlighting the drawings are in the past.

Now thanks to the advance of the technology, there is a wide selection of estimating and managing software from which you can pick out one that suits you the most. No matter if you are working on commercial, residential, industrial or any other type of project, these programs are of immense help.

simPRO, ProContractor… those are some of the programs that we can work with and provide you with detailed plumbing estimating. All you have to do is supply the drawings and you can leave everything else to us.

After you have reviewed the take-off and costings our Estimators will work with you to finalize the estimate. They can adjust the labour hours based on your Companies Productivity levels, and degree of difficulty and project price materials based on your Companies buying power.

We can provide a Take-off only or a fully costed Project. Most clients prefer the fully costed Project as our methodology and software allows us to cost the Project in real time as it is being measured.

Various digital reports will be provided for you to review during the process which can be printed later and used to assist with your Project management should you be successful with the Tender.

In-House Plumbing Estimating Training

Lynton May, the founder of ePlumbing Estimators, offers consultancy and in-house training for small and big plumbing companies on how to streamline their estimating process. He can explain in-depth the functionalities of some of the best estimating software which can make the work that much easier.

Contact Our Plumbing Estimators Team Today

Do you need a helping hand in the estimating of your next project? Email your tender drawings directly to lynton@plumbingestimators.com.au and he will get back to you with a fee proposal for your Project.

Save your time for other more pressuring areas of your business and leave the calculations to us. With the powerful estimating software, dedicated team with the necessary skills and knowledge, you will receive your tender back for review so that you can submit by the Tender due date.