Why We Choose ProEst

ProEst is an estimating software designed to help construction contractors and businesses submit competitive tenders and secure work. Purpose-built for the construction business, it enables our team and our clients to estimate plumbing jobs accurately and efficiently.

What does ProEst do?

ProEst has all the capabilities you could want in an estimating software. Our team uses it to handle the basics, like construction takeoffs and conceptual estimating, as well as the complexities of customer relationship management and cost databases. When you entrust your estimating jobs to ePlumbing Estimators and ProEst, you’ll be prepared to respond to present demands and capitalise on future opportunities.


Customer Focus

Using the ProEst system, our team can work closely with you to build each bid from the ground up. Collaboration is the secret to creating packages that your customers can’t refuse and filling your construction project pipeline – without cutting corners or sacrificing your profit margin. Delivering the same results in half the time, this system is built to beat the bid deadline, every time. With ProEst software and our expertise on your side, you’ll be submitting unbeatable bids in no time.

Powerful modern technology

With ProEst software, on-screen digital takeoffs replace the old-fashioned methods of manual measurement and cost calculation. Our team can determine the material, labor and equipment costs involved in your project with a high degree of accuracy, and use that data as a conceptual estimate for future project viability. The software also integrates seamlessly with other industry-specific project management and accounting applications to further streamline your workflow and eliminate errors.

Customer Focus

In the construction business, solid customer relationships hold greater worth than any job – and the ProEst system is designed to help you preserve their value. With guidance from our experienced team, you’ll be able to monitor your customers’ past projects, anticipate future needs and set informed, competitive costs without sacrificing profitability.

Ultimate Control

ProEst software gives you instant control over all aspects of construction reporting, proposals and accounting. When you work with us, you’ll have unlimited access to a purpose-built, perfectly organised online platform that automates the management process, improves your workflow, and makes business measurably easier – plus, all the guidance you need to achieve optimum efficiency in your work.

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